How To Choose The Best Gutters For Your Home 2023 Guide

The typical range for gutter installation cost is $622 to $1,677, with a national average of $1,135. Gutter installation is more involved than measuring for replacement because you’ll need to determine the volume of water your gutters can handle and the linear feet needed. K-style gutters and half-round gutters are the most common, but some homes have box-style gutters or custom-built fascia gutters. Installing gutters guards on your new or existing gutters doesn’t necessarily relieve you from cleaning or maintaining them. However, adding gutter guards to a gutter system can greatly reduce the need for frequent cleaning.

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Choosing the right color can add curb appeal, value, and a finishing touch to your property. The gutter colors you have to choose will largely depend on the type and material that you select. For example, copper and steel are unpainted and don’t come in any additional colors. Whereas, vinyl and aluminum gutters come in a range of color options.

Different types of gutter guards

These gutters are not as tall as K-style gutters, though they are wider, often protruding from the fascia by about five to six inches. The process of replacing a damaged gutter starts with removing the old gutters. Then, repairing any damage beneath the old gutters to the fascia or roofing.

Life-Span10 years20 years30 years100+ yearsTotal$506.85$694.05$1,284.10$3,499Gutters come in two varieties — traditional sectional gutters and one-piece seamless gutters. The costs are similar for each type and depend on the type of material used. Many roofing or gutter installation companies offer discounts during holidays or certain days of the week. Some even offer discounts to combine roofing repairs with seamless gutter installation. One of the biggest decisions when homeowners are installing seamless gutters regards the gutter material. The choice of material is one of the most significant factors that affect the price of seamless gutters and, therefore, the budget. Some homeowners opt to include upgrades or enhancements to the seamless gutter installation project.

Attach fascia brackets

To help you choose the best gutters for your home, the This Old House Reviews Team has compiled this guide. Below, we cover why gutters are necessary, how they work, how much they cost, and more. Vinyl gutters are heavier than aluminum gutters, so they can strain the fascia, especially when the gutters are full of water. Dark-colored vinyl gutters aren’t as colorfast as painted aluminum gutters.

But when the metal can stand on its own, look great, and has natural properties that resist the elements, that metal is either zinc or copper. The goal of custom fascia gutter systems is to give the home a contemporary appearance that cannot be replicated with half-round, K-style, or box-style gutters. Additionally, copper and zinc gutter products are often made with a half-round gutter shape. So if these premium materials are an attractive alternative, you might want to consider purchasing half-round gutters for the house. You may also consider hiring the original contractor who installed your gutters to complete your repair. If the company is still in business and reputable, they would be the most familiar with your system and may provide the best service.

Cradles trough from underneath, so it’s open and easy to clean. Round downspouts drain water more efficiently than rectangular ones. It costs a little more, but you’ll be able to choose from dozens of colors and eliminate seams in the gutter runs. Using many of the same basic techniques we show in this story, you can install your own “seamless” gutters.

If you live in a wooded area, don’t forget seasonal gutter cleanings, which can help remove fallen leaves and identify cracks in the seams well before they pose a problem. They have a flat back and an angular shape, which can accent a modern facade. They don’t need brackets and accessories for an easy installation, but K-style gutters are considered high maintenance. A gutter protection system will keep them from getting clogged.

Copper gutters can last 50 years or longer, especially if they are seamless. The average life span for aluminum gutters, the most popular material, is around 20 years. Gutters line the lower edges of your roof to collect rainwater. As rain falls, gravity ensures that it flows down your roof and into the gutters. From there, it will drain into a downspout that empties at a safe distance away from your home’s foundation.

These gutters offer a distinctive look from the moment they are first installed with their penny gloss, to when they start to wear and display that famous copper patina. K-style gutters are the most common type of gutter found on homes that have been constructed within the last 50 years. However, they are also being installed on older homes as a replacement for old gutters. K-style gutters get their name from the shape, as it resembles the letter ‘K’ when observed from the side. As with most home improvement projects, finding the right gutters for your home is usually a matter of balancing durability against budget. After determining which type of gutter is best for your home, call a few gutter installation companies to request free quotes and compare pricing. You may also want to talk to other homeowners in your area about their gutters and what’s worked best for them.