How to Make Your Own Calendar Using CafePress

Sometimes it pays to make your own calendar. Not only is it a satisfying creative pursuit but you get to add your own pictures and a personal touch to it too. So in this article what we’re going to do is show you how to make your own calendar using CafePress ( and a few other tools…

One of the first things you’ll need to free printable calendar 2022 create a calendar is some good images. You’ve no doubt some groovy ideas in your head about what’ll work best for you. If you’re thinking beautiful landscapes, nature photos, inspirational images, or pets and family then something tells me you’re on the right track. You usually need either 1 to 12 photos, depending on what type of calendar you decide on. (Can’t find the right photo? Try looking at a few stock photo websites).

The next phase is deciding what type of calendar you want to create. A good way to ‘see’ what I’m talking about here is to take yourself along to CafePress and look at the different types of calendars. Go to the bottom of the page, click on ‘cards and stationery’ then click on ‘calendars’ in the left hand navigation.

There you’ll see oversized wall calendars, vertical calendars and calendar prints, etc. After you’ve dosed up on enough ideas to sink a ship and are motivated to make your own calendar, log in and upload your selected photos. Note: This part is where you need to have your images correctly edited, with a suitable resolution and so on. CafePress has a handy guide that’ll show you how to do all this before you print anything.

The other important ingredient when you make your own calendar with CafePress is that you need to fit your images or design into a calendar template. To find this essential template instruction page look for home > customer service > product templates. I’m sure you’ll understand how to use this template easier than I did! 🙂