What Songs Are Popular on TikTok Right


If you’ve ever wondered what songs are popular on tiktok downloader, the answer may surprise you. In

2021, Canadian artist ElyOtto took the internet by storm with his single, “Pope is a Rockstar.” The song received high praise for its sound and lyrics, and was featured in thousands of videos across the site. In the beginning, many people thought the lyrics meant “Go little rockstar,” but they soon learned that it actually said “Pope is a Rockstar.” And, of course, everyone lip-synced to this catchy track.

Doja Cat’s “Thot Shit”

The music video for Doja Cat’s “Thot Shiit” has received a lot of attention, and is generating plenty of controversy. The music video features aliens, a retro-futuristic world and a chorus of “hot shit.” In the clip, aliens pregamble, but Doja Cat still makes a splash. The video is sexy and fun, and it shows Doja Cat dancing.

Doja Cat, whose real name is N*ggas Ain’t Shit, has a new single called “Ain’t Shit.” This late

90s-inspired R&B song is inspired by her previous hits, “Loving a f*ck-off and being unfaithful.” The song emphasizes the importance of trusting your friends, financial security and loyalty, and is accompanied by a live performance.

ODESZA’s “A Moment Apart”

ODESZA are making music for years now, but this year, their latest track has gone viral, thanks to a TikTok meme. In the past month, there are thousands of videos on the TikTok app of people delivering dramatic monologues over the track. This trend has attracted everyone from Dr. Phil to your neighborhood boy next door.

ODESZA’s newest single, “Better Now (feat. MARO),” is cutting edge emotion and a perfect soundtrack for springtime. This song features the Portuguese singer MARO, who delivers exuberant choruses and ambient soundscapes typical of ODESZA’s sound. Here are five reasons why it’s so popular on tiktok right now:

Tai Verdes’ “Stunnin”

Tai Verdes’ ‘Stunnin’ is an incredibly catchy song with lyrics about the problems with modern romantic relationships. It’s backed by a minimalist electric guitar arpeggio, which highlights Salem Ilese’s powerful vocals. The video’s popularity has led to the song’s inclusion in tens of thousands of TikToks, and the video has a correspondingly high number of streams on Spotify.

The video was released by Curtis Waters earlier this year, and was paired with an awkward dance routine. The video quickly became a rage on TikTok, and the fashionistas of the TikTok community paired it with the “What I’d wear” challenge. While the video was originally made for lip syncing, the viral trend has grown beyond the platform’s original goal of lip sync.

Lil Dicky’s “Earth”

Lil Dicky’s new song, “Earth,” is going viral after its midnight release. It features big names such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Halsey, and others who have contributed to the music video.

The video also features voice work from Justin Bieber, Brendon Urie, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The video starts off as a live-action video with Dicky confronting a group of young kids who knock over a trash can. The rapper points out that we are causing a crisis by littering and putting out too much garbage. However, soon after that, the video becomes an animated version with various celebrities and artists portraying different animals, plants, and germs.